Developer 30 under 30 Awards

We all know that software is one of the most vital parts of our daily life. Our lives highly dependent upon the fact that the software technology is advancing. The brains behind the software development are great and the people don’t think about them for even a second before using their inventions and creations.

Developer 30 under 30 Awards was established in 2017 and the industry professionals are happy to finally see a globally recognized body in this field. In 2017 the Developer 30 under 30 Awards garnered very positive reviews. The organization received entries from all over Canada. Canada is regarded as one of the best and the most advanced nations of the world. There are many universities which are highly rated and have the best software departments. The best part of the Developer 30 under 30 Awards is that the students of the Canadian universities are encouraged to file nominations. It makes sure that the new and the latest industry talent are brought forward.

2017 Developer 30 under 30 Awards

2018 is the second year when these awards are being presented to the resilient developers. In 2017 the first ceremony of Developer 30 under 30 Awards was held. The panel of 2017 consisted of 21 executive judges’ and. 350 nominations were filed by the developers from all over Canada. The sponsors of the Developer 30 under 30 Awards were 19 in number and 3 media groups were present to cover the event. 220 world class developers attended the event and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best software events in Canada. Out of 350 nominations, only 30 winners were selected. The Developer 30 under 30 Awards has garnered highly positive reviews and therefore the developers are urged to file entries.

The Judges Panel

It is again something that has made Developer 30 under 30 Awards as a high rated platform. The judges belong to various high tech organizations which are of international recognition. The CTOs and the CIOs are made the part of the panel. It is done just so that the developers prepare the projects of that level. The prowess of the judges is matchless and hence they judge all the projects with a very professional touch. It is safe to say that in the coming years winning Developer 30 under 30 Awards will be like a dream come true for the developers all over Canada. Technology is regarded as a backbone of any country. The Developer 30 under 30 Awards make sure that Canadian talent never remains behind anyone in the world.


The website of Developer 30 under 30 Awards should be visited to file a nomination. The nominations button is right on the homepage which can be clicked to reveal further options. The eligibility criterion of the organization is very simple. The developer should be a Canadian national and must have born after April 1, 1989. The form which pops up should be filled completely as every field is mandatory. The nominations are carefully studied by the organization to choose the best.