Developer 30 under 30 Awards

We all know that software is one of the most vital parts of our daily life. Our lives highly dependent upon the fact that the software technology is advancing. The brains behind the software development are great and the people don’t think about them for even a second before using their inventions and creations. (more…)

Top 5 Canadian mobile app developers

The wide use of smartphones and mobile apps is nothing new these days. But some countries are way ahead of others when it comes to using apps.

Canada’s residents increasingly spend their time on apps. In fact, the app usage went up by 74% in 2016. The massive surge surpassed the global average of 11% by far and wide, says Flurry. (more…)

Test your UI/UX viability with a mockup

Every product or service wants to deliver a rich experience to their customers. The same applies to the world of web and app designs where user satisfaction is a priority. The need brings in a lot of processes and stages in the development process of an app or website and introduces terms like UI, UX, wireframe, mockup, and prototyping. (more…)